Your Wedding

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A Church Wedding at All Saints

Thinking of getting married?

Want a romantic and traditional Church wedding in a beautiful location?

We would love you to get married in Brixworth’s beautiful Saxon church, and here’s how–


You can get married at this church if you have one of the following connections:

  • You live in the parish
  • You are on the church’s electoral roll
  • You’ve lived in the parish at any time for six months
  • You’ve regularly gone to church services in the parish for six months
  • You were baptised in the parish
  • You were prepared for confirmation in the parish
  • One of your parents has lived in the parish for six months or
  • Has regularly gone to normal church services at anytime for at least six months or
  • One of your parents or grandparents was married in the parish.


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And here’s the good news—If you don’t have any of these connections, you can still marry here! All you need to do is establisha connection by coming to one of our main Sunday services just once a month for six months.

It’s as simple as that!

For more details contact Rev. Chloe, and see the website

Please see our wedding gallery below!

Please note that we welcome the use of confetti, providing it is biodegradeable. This is to protect the churchyard and because we are an environmentally friendly church!