*NEW* Thursday Evening Candlelit Service


Do you struggle to fit everything in? We all lead such busy lives that it can be difficult to make time for Church. Mid week services are during the day so clash with paying the mortgage, these days Sundays can be taken up with kids parties, sport and well – just life! But fear not, we can help.

We now have a short (30 min) “Candlelit Evening Prayer with Communion”, which takes place Thursdays at 7pm.

Perhaps you have finished up at the gym, or you are just coming back from from work, or even you just fancy 30 minutes of ‘you’ time whilst your other half puts the kids to bed, this service is aimed at those who might enjoy 30 minutes of peacefulness at the end of the day, in the beautiful candlelit setting of our historic building.

All welcome – see you there!