November Junior Church – what we did!

This morning was November Junior Church and it was wet and blustery morning as we made our way into Church. After an initial hymn, we made our way across to the Brixworth Centre.

The heating was on, but Richard decided to get us all active and warmed up by a few races across the hall! Firstly, side to side, then backwards, and even hopping! It was great fun, and we were all warm and toasty by the end – even the parents.

Next, it was onto the carpet to say hello to each other as we had a new member of Junior Church join us for the first time – welcome Orla!

We started thinking about impossible things. Firstly, by trying to lick our elbow – which everyone thought was funny. Next, hovering in the air, and dropping a coin so it stood on end. No one managed this, although Alex did with a little “creative license”!

Then, we looked to see it was possible for someone to go through a sheet of paper. Everyone agreed it wasn’t. And yet, Richard proved you could!  We thought about the things impossible things that God makes possible, and sometimes it is viewing things from a different perspective.


Next, as Advent is coming up fast we worked on our Junior Church entry for the Christmas Tree Festival. Firstly, we read Luke Chapter 1 and the verses describing the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary. We drew around our feet and hands, and made Angels from the shapes – which we then decorated. These will go onto the Tree which will be entered into the Competition.

We then made our way back over to Church. On the way, we noticed that the stormy weather had torn up all the Remembrance crosses that had been placed by the war memorial for remembrance Sunday. Quickly, we all helped put them back in place  – after all we remember all year round.


Then back into Church for a blessing and a final hymn, before Orange Juice and biscuits.

Let’s hope we win the Christmas Tree Competition. 

See you next month!

About Us:

Growing Saints is our Junior Church at All Saints Brixworth – a family friendly group putting the FUN into our church. If you want to know more, why not get in touch?

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